Classic F1 & F100 Ford Trucks

About the Show-Me F100's

The truck club started back in 1984.  After many years of a yearly truck show in the Branson, Missouri area for F1's and F100's, we've taken a break and are just enjoying the truck club, our members, other truck shows and just LIFE in general!


Membership in the truck club is $20 per year.  With that membership you will receive a printed monthly newsletter with news about our meetings, events, updates and more.


We have a monthly meeting for those who are able to attend.  During the winter months we may skip a month or two because of the Ozarks weather.  With Covid problems we've stopped meetings, at least for now. 


We have a list of events each month for those who get our newsletter.  Since our members are spread out through the U.S., we ask that any member who may know of an event in their area send us a flyer (via Postal service) so we can add the info to our newsletter and also our Events page.  Be sure to add City & State please.

Skills needed to be a member:

  • NONE!
  • Just the love for the old Effies!
  • Of course, any skill is handy when you own an Effie, so we ask that you spread the word if you've got some info that would help another member or Effie owner.

Want some more info?

Stop by our truck club website

or find us on Facebook!